At the core of our work is the unwavering philosophy that surgery is an important part of a child’s treatment, but it’s just the beginning of the journey. Specialized support and rehabilitation, from speech therapy to dentistry, audiology to counselling, is needed by every baby born with a cleft.

This past year, we have been honoured with support from individuals and organizations who chose to volunteer, fundraise or donate. We extend our gratitude to all our 2011 Champions!

Thanks to your support, our funding grew by 30%, which was allocated to program services. As part of our mandate to provide comprehensive care, we committed more funds to train medical personnel in countries where the lack of cleft specialists is a chronic problem.

Some projects are now providing services to neighbouring countries. Our Thailand-based program partners, for example, are assisting children from Laos and Myanmar, where surgeries and rehabilitation services are badly needed.

The important work that Transforming Faces accomplished in partnership with the European Cleft Organisation (ECO) will have a positive and lasting impact on families affected by cleft lip and palate well into the future. 

In 2012, Transforming Faces (TFW) will seek to expand our program partners’capacity to enable more patients and families to access cleft rehabilitation. In order to make it more convenient for patients to continue their treatment plans, we will work with our partners to decentralize services in urban areas.

Since 1999, we have transformed the lives of 9,220 CLP patients through 155,779 surgeries and interventions. We invite you to read about this year’s accomplishments. Please click here to read our 2011 Annual Report.