Meet Segundo from Peru


North of Lima, near the top of a barren mountain sits a tiny concrete-walled and corrugated metal-roofed home. Two-year old Segundo lives there with his parents, but since his father’s on-the-job injury, the family’s prospects have felt precarious.

When Segundo was born with a cleft lip and palate, nurses initially told them he was sure to die. Thankfully, Segundo’s parents overcame their shock and were insistent upon getting a referral to the specialists at TF’s partner hospital, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH).

A home visit was scheduled right away, and the UPCH team began critical pre-surgical care for Segundo and his parents. At first he did not thrive, but thanks to the family’s loving persistence and their trust in the team, Segundo was able to receive a safe lip surgery.

"My son's cleft appointments are more important than ANYTHING."

The UPCH team has gone above and beyond, actively advocating for the family from their very first meeting. Still, money is tight and the family depended upon additional nutritional support to help Segundo finally attain the healthy weight a safe palate surgery requires

Segundo’s parents now earn money by working as a team at a local plastic recycling plant. Segundo will often tag along until he is old enough to start school. While their future still holds many challenges, they are committed to seeing Segundo thrive and experience full rehabilitation.