In some countries, parents do not often have the ability or desire to photograph their babies due to the suspicions and shame associated with cleft. In Peru, the Photographic Clinic encourages parents to showcase their photos. Parents and children also work closely with psychologists. KusiRostros hope to achieve a healthy attachment between parents and children, so that the children can grow up a bit more confident and happy.

An interdisciplinary congress about the family-based approach to cleft care took place in Lima, Peru on November 23 25, 2012. The Congress aimed to educate cleft practitioners, medical students and parents about the importance of holistic care and support the parents’ role in treatment. A nurse coordinator, social worker, speech language pathologist, plastic surgeon and orthodontist from the Cleft Lip and Palate Department at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) attended and lent their expertise. The Congress was co-funded by Transforming Faces and Smile Train. 

It is integral that our local teams have access to new training opportunities. This Congress served to re-energize the Peruvian team with new ideas for providing comprehensive cleft care in their own communities. It also served as a catalyst to set up the Peruvian Cleft Palate – Craniofacial organization.This will help build awareness and knowledge about the team approach to cleft care.


Fundacion GAVINA is utilizing local resources to close the gap in cleft care in Northern Argentina: 

  • A strategic alliance was created with the CEPSI Children’s Hospital Eva Peru in Santiago del Estero. This alliance allowed 44 children to undergo surgery.
  • A referral system with Tucuman’s maternity has been developed to provide feeding counselling and ensure parents receive appropriate guidance.
  • Our partners do not believe in handouts. In this spirit, our Argentinian partner was able to source $15,000 from a local rotary club to pay for a new dental chair, equipment and supplies.

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