Recently, Aleena Sheikh Chaudhery raised $545.00 at her 8th birthday party to help us close the gap in cleft care. We asked why she chose to give up her presents this year:

“I asked my mom if we could do this for my birthday, because I have enough toys. I think that I should help other kids if they need help. I feel responsible for them.  If no one helps them or cares about them, those kids will not get better.  I am happy that my friends helped me to raise money so that every kid could get better, could learn, and live better.

Thank you Aleena! The money raised will be matched by a private charitable foundation which supports us. 

Want to be a fundraising champion like Aleena? Click here to find out how you too can help us close the gap in cleft care!

Pictured: Aleena with her birthday breakfast