Bright Start Monthly Giving


Bright Start monthly donors support children born with cleft lip and palate in Myanmar so that they have access to a complete circle of cleft care from the day they’re born until they have transitioned into school and beyond.

In 2020, 65 children journeyed towards full cleft rehabilitation thanks to their monthly commitment. Here’s what our donors have to say:

“I started my cleft care journey over seventy years ago, receiving corrective surgeries into my thirties. Even now, when I’m tired, I have traces of the speech impediment that I worked so hard to overcome.

My journey, while different from children today, was successful. I thank Transforming Faces for empowering local providers to perform the needed surgery, and as importantly, the years of aftercare that are so crucial for children born with cleft to have their own successful outcome to their journey.

These children learn the hard way that true beauty really does come from within; perhaps the gift of that is we recognize true beauty in others more easily.

Thank you Transforming Faces."

- Vicki, monthly donor since 2013.