Patient Story:

A Transformative Future is on the Horizon in Peru


When Maribel held Gissel in her arms for the first time she felt helpless. Unable to latch on for breastfeeding, Gissel would cry seemingly without reprieve. Taking care of a teenager with special needs, her elderly parents, as well as Gissel, Maribel felt adrift and overwhelmed without help she could little afford.

Fatefully, Maribel found the support she needed thanks to TF’s local partner, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (UPCH). Working with a specialized team, Maribel quickly learned how to care for Gissel’s needs. Soon, Gissel began to receive pre-surgical treatments to qualify for a successful lip repair.

With so many responsibilities life is still hectic, but now that a course of treatment has been set, Maribel can see a transformative future on the horizon for her family.