Patient Story:

Preparing for a Newborn with a Cleft in Argentina


When Jessica found out that she was carrying a child with a cleft, it was amidst the unimaginable circumstances of a global pandemic. With strict government curfews and limited access to specialized healthcare, Jessica did not know how to prepare for the needs of a newborn with a cleft.

TF’s local partner Fundación Gavina had a plan. Utilizing available technology, Jessica’s multidisciplinary cleft team was able to provide virtual counselling to equip her with the tools to provide for a newborn with cleft; and on July 12, 2020, Guillermina was born.
Thanks to the support of her Comprehensive Cleft Care team, Jessica was prepared to continue Guillermina’s rehabilitation journey. Today, Jessica and Guillermina attend pre-surgical sessions, receive nutritional support and have started speech therapy exercises to help secure a brighter future.