Patient Story:

A Priceless Smile in Costa Rica


Samantha lives with her family in Tierra Blanca, a small city about 30 km from Costa Rica’s capital, San José.

The journey to parenthood had been long, and when a fissure was found in an ultrasound, Samantha’s parents were faced with the unexpected reality of having a child with a cleft.

Not knowing anyone with the condition, they were fortunate to connect with TF’s partner LPH, and began receiving support that would prepare them for Samantha’s arrival into their growing family.

At birth, Samantha’s mother learned how to safely feed and care for her daughter to ready her for lip surgery. They also received emotional support throughout the process, to ensure a happy transition into the home, and introduction to their extended family.

Samantha’s parents are dedicated, never missing an appointment; her father works during the day, so it is her mother who provides active support throughout the day to strengthen her development.

Now, at two-years-old, Samantha has received her cleft lip and palate repair surgeries at the National Children’s Hospital. Her family continues to receive support from LPH, as well as from other families of children born with cleft who, through sharing their experience and knowledge, have helped the family overcome the many stages of recovery.

Samantha’s smile is priceless.