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Afra’s CCC Journey: Smile Support

As a baby, Afra received timely cleft lip and palate surgeries through St. Joseph’s Hospital, TF’s partner in Mysore, India. Since then, Afra has made strides in working with her speech therapist and through regular checkups.

One milestone - the arrival of teeth, seemed unnaturally delayed. Afra’s mother continued to remain hopeful that her teeth would finally appear, but Dr. Namitha, her primary pediatrician, discovered that Afra was experiencing a condition called ectodermal dysplasia: her teeth would never come in.

Amidst this disappointment, the Comprehensive Cleft Care team reassured Afra’s family that pediatric dentures would be provided free of charge. Beyond cosmetic benefits, these dentures would allow Afra to learn to chew food and eat normally.

On October 31, Afra’s new dentures arrived. The hospital team, along with Afra’s parents, are helping her make progress in eating, speaking and smiling with her new teeth.