On May 16, Transforming Faces held a Beautiful Before & After celebration and initial reports suggest that we’ve raised $34 741.00 for our programs!

The evening's host, Bev Thomson

“We’re extremely grateful to our friends for attending the event, our silent auction supporters, our sponsors, and our host Bev Thomson,” said Esteban Lasso, Transforming Faces Executive Director. “Proceeds will go towards supporting our programs and providing the gift of transformation to children in developing nations.”

The event, which was part of our Beautiful Before & After campaign, recognizes that every child is beautiful – before and after their cleft care.

“The longer children with cleft lip and palate go without proper care, they more struggles they endure. But they do not need our pity. They are beautiful and smart and resilient and precocious, just like other children,” said Lasso. “What they need is high-quality cleft care – starting at birth and continuing until they are enjoying a full, normal life.”

Jeanne Mott, Yeabsra's host, with her granddaughter Moira, Yeabsra and Esteban Lasso

The full amount of the proceeds raised at this event will go toward our cleft programs to train medical teams in the most up-to-date procedures. It will also fund free, local access to reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation such as hearing and speech therapy, dental and orthodontic care, nutrition and psycho-social support.

A registered Canadian charity, Transforming Faces Worldwide provides access to local comprehensive treatment for cleft lip and palate (CLP) and other craniofacial conditions. A private charitable foundation funds the charity’s administrative costs so a full 100 per cent of donations are used to provide direct services to children and parents affected by CLP around the world.

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Pictures provided by Michelle Singerman