Empowering our Partners

We are working to optimize the workflow and clinical management of our partner teams.  A key part of this process is putting essential information at the fingertips of front-line health workers. 

We are currently developing the CCMT toolkit to help our partners streamline their clinical processes and document outcomes. 

Eventually, the CCMT will help our partner’s transition to electronic medical records.


In producing the CCMT, TF seeks to promote complete, patient-centered cleft care in developing countries.

The toolkit will help teams assess their impact, participate in research, and share knowledge with the international cleft community.  Patients will receive more efficient case management and more timely and appropriate care.

Current status:

We are piloting the CCMT project in Argentina and Peru. We have researched the experience of other organizations and explored the unique needs of our partner organizations.

Lessons Learned

o             Form standardization will be one of the most important – and difficult – steps of the process. 

o             Partner buy-in and commitment to change management is critical for project success.

o             A standardized paper-based workflow must be implemented before seeking  software-based solutions.

o             Piloting the program has already improved teamwork and encouraged our partners to think critically about their processes.

Next Steps: Looking for your Help

We seek to exchange knowledge with teams with experienced in patient-centered, team-based management systems. 

We want to hear from you!

o             We will be documenting and sharing these findings with the broader cleft community.

o             Over the next two years, we will pilot new clinical forms in project sites and roll out this system more widely.

Have you done something similar? How did it work? Want to get updates about this project?

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