Cleft Care in South India

We want every child in a low-income country to have access to the cleft care that supports them in living a full life. Nobody should be left behind. 

In this video, you’ll hear 3 inspiring stories from participants and graduates of this ongoing, local, community-based care developed in partnership with Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER).

Children with cleft may face difficulties with:

Mobilizing Community-Based Care

TF provides ongoing support for 3 monthly community-based cleft camps. This way, families access trusted professionals without having to miss work and school due to long travel times.

The Dental Bus

During the camp, participants pay a visit to the mobile dental bus. This bus provides all of the necessary resources for the dental team to provide checkups and regular care, in areas that may not have access to stable electricity.

Meet Sri Sai
The Student

Community camps taught Sri Sai about good oral health (a particular challenge for kids with cleft) and helped him speak clearly. Follow the journey he takes with his mother to arrive at the camp for his regular dental checkup.

His definition of ‘full rehabilitation’ means pursuing his dream job as Google CEO: a tool he loves to use.

Meet Radhika
The Graduate

Radhika participated in community camps throughout her childhood. Without them, her family couldn’t have dreamed of accessing treatment. 

Now working in business, her dream is to become a part of the cleft care community to give back to others.

Meet Sandhya
The YouTuber

Sandhya was born with a cleft lip and palate and received care at the community camp since she was 10 months old. She is a strong advocate for the value of speech therapy!

Now, she runs a YouTube channel. If you enjoy Southern Indian cuisine, you’ll want to check out her passion in action.

Bring Cleft Care
Closer To Home

Rather than flying-in volunteers from around the world, TF invests in local teams to deliver Comprehensive Cleft Care with local families.

Our heart is for children with cleft to experience full rehabilitation and inclusion in their communities