My reason for supporting Transforming Faces is that it feels like such a concrete way to make a difference in the lives of children. Your organization radically transforms children’s lives, releasing them from a lifelong sentence of anguish and humiliation and discrimination. Money works miracles in this instance.

It seems miraculous to me that an operation that costs a few hundred dollars can potentially make or break someone’s chances in life. How could I not contribute?

 My son was born 23 years ago with a malformed and blind eye.  He has undergone several surgeries in recent years to make the eye look normal. Though he will never have sight in that eye, he is so much more confident about his appearance now and this has made a big difference to him emotionally and socially.  

We are lucky to have this kind of health care available to us in Canada.  You are making it happen in places where such things are beyond the means of most people.  Thank you for all you do!

-Mary Philp


Our thanks to you, our supporters, for allowing us to Transform Lives!

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