In Thailand, there is a need for more speech pathologists and audiologists. Recent data from the Thai Speech-Language and Hearing Association indicates that there are 58 speech pathologists and 60 audiologists treating a population of 68 million in 2013.

Mahidol University, based in Bangkok,  produces only 4 graduates every other year.

Associated Medical Science (AMS) is a small faculty based in Chiang Mai University where occupational and physical therapists are trained. The Dean and faculty at AMS understand the need to produce more speech pathologists in the country. As such, they will introduce Speech Pathology into their curriculum. In the future, they will also offer Audiology courses. 

A new program, based in AMS Chiangmai University, has the support of the Thai Speech Association and the teaching faculty who will be willing to support the program. However, as they develop the new curriculum, they will need to gain some knowledge and expertise.

AMS has specifically requested TF’s assistance  in linking them with other international institutions in Canada, US and Asia who provide Speech Pathology courses. TF will be supporting  travel expenses and knowledge sharing.

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