TF will be taking part in SickKids’ Global Child Health Day today! The day will bring together national and international experts to share research and best practices. 

This year’s theme is Global Adolescent Health: “Adolescents and Global Healthcare Systems”  

We advocate for comprehensive cleft care, which means quality reconstructive surgery, as well as ongoing rehabilitation. Wherever possible, our local cleft teams include audiologists, dentists, nurse co-ordinators, orthodontists, social workers, speech therapists, surgeons.

Comprehensive cleft care improves children’s physical and psychological health dramatically. They speak better. They eat easier. Their teeth and jaws are aligned. They feel more confident. They start to attend and do well in school. And their parents rest easy.

TF’s work not only supports children born with cleft lip and palate with their initial treatments, but adolescents requiring follow up care and counselling. We go beyond the initial surgery.

We will be exhibiting from 10:30am to 1:30pm, so drop by our booth and learn more about our work! 

Alternatively, follow along on Twitter with #SickKidsGCHD2014