Every three minutes, a baby is born with a cleft lip and palate.

Help transform a child’s life today!

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Transform a Child's Life Today!

When Enanu was born with a cleft in Ethiopia, his mom worried that he would never lead a happy and healthy life. The opening in his lip and the roof of his mouth affected his ability to feed and grow, and would make clear speech difficult. Shame and stigma about cleft lip and palate can be widespread – and Enanu’s mom feared he would be excluded from school and his community.

Thankfully, she soon learned that this serious condition is completely treatable.

Transforming Faces is a Canadian-based organization that works in partnership with medical teams based in Ethiopia and beyond, to ensure families have access to life-changing, comprehensive cleft care.

Through services like nutritional support, surgeries, counselling and speech therapy, lives like Enanu’s are transformed.

Today, Enanu has access to ongoing, comprehensive cleft care. He brims with confidence, is adored in his community and loves going to school.

There are many children around the world waiting for their own chance at a bright future. Please join us in helping to transform their lives! 

*Gifts of $25 CAD or more are eligible for a charitable tax receipt. If you donate by November 30th, your gift will be eligible to be matched – doubling the impact you can have for a child like Enanu.

About Cleft Lip & Palate:

Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common birth anomalies in the world, affecting roughly 1 in 700 children.

A cleft occurs when a baby’s lip and/or palate do not fuse properly during pregnancy, causing an opening in the lip, roof of the mouth or both. While the type and severity of the cleft will vary, the condition typically impacts more than just the child’s appearance – also affecting their speech, hearing, nutrition and ability to develop socially.

About Transforming Faces:

Transforming Faces equips local teams to provide comprehensive cleft lip and palate care that is accessible for all. By working alongside local partners, we are building happier, healthier lives for children and families in Asia, Africa and the Americas.  Founded in 1999, our comprehensive approach not only physically transforms faces, but radically alters the trajectory of a child’s life by allowing them to finish school, develop healthy relationships, find employment, start families and participate fully in society without the constant threat of discrimination or exclusion.

Our 100% Model: TF directs 100% of all donations to our international cleft care program,s thanks to a private charitable foundation that covers all of our non-program costs.

Have any questions about work? Please email info@transformingfaces.org