This National Volunteer Week, Transforming Faces (TF)  would like to acknowledge our Fundraising Committee for their ongoing contribution to our annual Beautiful Before & After event. One of the key players on this committed team is our Committee Chair and longstanding volunteer, Karen Sparks.

Karen has been lending a hand with Beautiful Before and After since 2008.  She first heard out about TF from our former Executive Director, Esteban Lasso. Esteban’s passion for the cause appealed to Karen so much that she decided to get involved with the organization herself.

What continues to motivate Karen is the way TF makes a longlasting impact in the lives of children with cleft lip and palate and the fact that 100% of donations go directly to programs. Karen loves to get other people interested and involved in the cause: “It is very heartwarming to see others become engaged”, she notes.

Many years back, Karen also had the opportunity to travel with TF to our longtime program in northern Thailand:

Karen Sparks pictured in Thailand

Karen, far right, pictured with other TF partners in Thailand

“Visiting (TF’s) partner in Thailand brought the program to life, not only seeing the children and how their lives have been transformed, but gaining a deeper understanding of the range of services that TF funds, and the complexities of taking the children through total rehabilitation from surgery to orthodontic care to speech pathology.  The local partners work magic in bringing the children from remote areas to the caregivers.”

A huge thank you to Karen and our other Fundraising Committee members for their ongoing support. You are true TF Champions!

From April 10 –April 17, TF is celebrating National Volunteer Week by introducing some of the wonderful people that work behind-the-scenes to make our work a success.