Our Program Manager, Laura Lewis-Watts, recently visited a new rural district where our current project is expanding. Suraj, a Speech-Language Pathologist with our project in India, pictured, led a training at a local NGO to sensitize existing volunteers about cleft lip and palate (CLP) and our project.  A lot of local NGOs in the region have a large pool of volunteers who freelance with various projects. Some of them have other paid work, and many of them are women who are not employed outside the home but who want the training and skills of working with one of these projects. Transforming Faces hopes to recruit some of them. One of five NGOs that the team has targeted for possible involvement is pictured. 

“It is really important to have local NGOs involved in order to reach patients through the existing community networks,” said Laura. “Over 40 people showed up at this training and there was a lot of interest, which was great!”

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