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Transforming Faces is grateful to have ongoing volunteer support in our Toronto office. Last year, one of these fantastic volunteers, Meanne Chan, joined the TF family!

A developmental health psychologist by profession, Meanne learned about Transforming Faces when she was searching for a non-profit organization that focused on supporting children with special needs. Meanne wanted to lend her time to an organization that was working at a grassroots level on a global scale. She explains being drawn to TF since she felt it delivered on its vision in a relatable and approachable manner.

Volunteering with TF has been a rewarding and enjoyable experience for Meanne. “Everyone brings their different backgrounds to the organization while striving towards shared goals”. She also points out how volunteering for “the cause keeps me grounded despite my aspirations, and serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to live in North America, where (amenities like) clean water and healthcare are readily available.”Meanne Chan- Picture

Meanne is an academic who has moved around and lived in several places around the world. She finds volunteering a great way to get involved in a community and meet people who share similar values.

“Medical advancement and clinical care can always use an extra essence of human touch, and volunteering with a non-profit organization can help us gain perspective about the needs of others. I always encourage professionals to dedicate their leisure time for a greater cause, as it can be even more rewarding than one imagines!”

A huge thank you to our TF Champion, Meanne! We really appreciate your support.


From April 10 – April 17, TF is celebrating National Volunteer Week by introducing some of the wonderful people that work behind-the-scenes to make our work a success.