The volunteer Board of Directors sets our direction and guides us to be the effective and accountable charity we are. We had the pleasure of catching up with some of the Directors last month. 

Meet Jackie

Meet Jackie Elton, Founder and Chair of the Board. She describes why she founded Transforming Faces  in the video below.

Meet Nan

A board member since 2002, Nan Hudson has seen our mission in action. Find out why Nan describes Transforming Faces as “the most perfect little non-profit in the world.”

Meet Cindy
Cindy Guernsey, a nurse, has served on the board for over 5 years. While Transforming Faces is a small organization, she can see the great inroads it is making in providing access to multidisciplinary care.

Meet Jill
Jill Martin is the treasurer and has served on the board for 3 years. She was introduced to the board by Jo Jamieson. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be a part of something good,” she says.