August is officially National Breastfeeding Month in the U.S. Here at Transforming Faces, one of our guiding principles  is ensuring that feeding support is offered to parents and their newborns.

Babies with a cleft can be breastfed, so providing new mothers with guidance in this area is particular important to the baby’s health and well-being. As soon as possible after the birth of their child, the family is provided with information regarding clefts including acceptable standard treatment options. The team provides psycho-social support and strategies for feeding which ensure optimum nutrition and normal growth and development.

We believe that a comprehensive approach is imperative for optimal cleft care. In the delivery of this care, we believe children and their families have the right to accurate information and far-reaching support by community-based professionals. 

Want more information? Visit our cleft care page. The Cleft Palate Foundation also has a nifty “What about Breastfeeding?” factsheet here.