Transforming Faces’ 20 year commitment to transparency and accountability remains firmly anchored, despite the pandemic. From the beginning, we have supported the work of local cleft professionals. Working as a team, they have the knowledge, facilities and specialized skills to provide timely, ongoing care to families overseas.

We are grateful for the ongoing investment of a private foundation that is passionate about our work and that covers all of TF’s non-program costs. This allows us to promise that 100% of donations support the care of children and families in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Even still, TF limits fundraising and administrative spending. In 2020 these costs were 16% of our total expenditure. We are proud of our long record of clear, independent financial audits and the close oversight of our Board of Directors.

Transforming Faces is a registered charity that relies on a mix of individual donors, foundation grants and international partnerships to fund the full rehabilitation of children born with cleft lip and palate. We currently do not receive government grants, and any funders or donors wishing to visit our projects do so at their own expense.

While our pattern of yearly site-visits to key program partners overseas has been postponed due to the pandemic, our tradition of close collaboration, learning, and accountability continues through online meetings, conferences and workshops; even as we all yearn to safely move beyond the pandemic’s disruption.