Yeabsra has received a very fun gift to tide her over as she recovers – an iPad 2! Scooter Girl, a local toy shop, and Joanne Somers and her daughter Isabelle, Transforming Faces supporters, fundraised in order to purchase an iPad 2 for Yeabsra.

Young Isabelle Somers thought that during Yeabsra’s recovery an iPad would be really useful to keep up with school work and provide some distraction. A collection jar at the counter began and the idea soon amassed the attention of many people, including another young customer who donated all his birthday money to the iPad fund.

Yeabsra is very technologically-inclined and is having a blast with it. Joanne loaded up the iPad with fun apps to use while she stayed in the hospital.

“The first thing she asked for was her iPad to play with after she woke up,” said Joanne.

“Isabelle was the instigator of this and she was very happy to see Yeabsra playing with all the children’s Apps,” said Joanne, who also downloaded ESL Apps and Ethiopian music for Aynalem.

The iPad will be sold when Yeabsra and her mother Aynalem are ready to return to Ethiopia and the money will be used to pay for Yeabsra and her brother’s school fees.

Pictured: Joanne Somers and Yeabsra use the iPad two days after getting a new nose created. She is sending her Dad photos and drawings to keep in touch with him and her little brother, who are in Ethiopia. Photo Credit: Gillian Crawford.

We would like to extend a big thank you to Scooter Girl, Joanne and Isabelle Somers and all the families who donated money.

Scooter Girl will also be selling tickets to our Beautiful Before & After event on May 16 – be sure to visit them at 187 Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto to pick up your tickets today!