Transforming Faces often facilitates training between partner teams. Today, we look back on a training trip that took place in 2011!

Eight delegates (three from Ghana and five from Ethiopia) travelled to India to participate in Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies (INDOCLEFT) conference in 2011.

INDOCLEFT Participants represented centres from all over India, and as well as several European and Asian countries.  Our partners made some important contacts.

Once the conference ended, our partners took some time to meet and visit the work being done in the field by our Indian partners. The field visits involved observing community-based rehabilitation workers as well as a speech and orthodontics camp.  The Ethiopian and Ghanaian teams were given a package of materials to take home to help them replicate elements of the SRU program in their home countries.  

TF emphasizes South-South training opportunities because there is often a stronger relevance of visiting a team in another developing country rather than visiting a centre in North America, for instance.