We are sometimes asked how local professionals and partners are chosen. We hope this post sheds some light on that process!

2-Resource persons and selected para-professinalsOn August 1, 2012, representatives from the Northern Women Development Foundation (NWDF) and Kohn Kaen University (KKU) in Thailand met in Bangkok to discuss the launch of the speech camps

A subsequent planning meeting took place on September 13th and involved 32 representatives from NWDF, provincial public health offices in Chiangrai and Phayao, district public health offices, sub-district public health centers, district hospitals, and village health volunteer groups.

The standards for selecting speech assistants were determined by the project organizers.  Speech assistants were selected based on one or more of the following criteria:

  • A background in public health
  • Residency in the target area
  • A diploma in education
  • The ability to attend the complete speech camp program and 5 follow up camps
  • The ability to undertake home visit to patients and assist patients with speech treatment

Following the meetings, 8 participants expressed their willingness to join as speech assistants.  Most of these volunteers are trained nurses, occupational therapists and village health workers. 

20-Sisters assisting and practicing speech

Patients were selected using the following criteria:

  • Children aged between 4-15 years affected by cleft lip and palate
  • Live in Chiangrai or Phayao provinces
  • Commitment to join whole speech camp program and 5 follow up camps

Based on this criterion, 18 children from Phayao and Chiangrai provinces were selected to participate in the speech camp and follow up.

22-RecreationSpeech camps took place on October 15-18, December 11, 2012, and February 18, 2013. Future camps are scheduled for April 22, June 10 and August 19, 2013. The camps will focused on speech therapy but aspects of multi-disciplinary care, such as growth development assessment, dental care, general health care, appearance repair and social support, will be assigned to each follow up camp.   

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