TF is currently developing its 2014 annual operating plan which will clearly define roles and responsibilities, and outline the key deliverables for the year.  At the same time, TF seeks to strengthen its internal management processes.  TF requires an experienced external consultant to facilitate a 2-day internal planning meeting which will incorporate tools such as the project dashboard, logic framework and “balanced scorecard”.

The consultant will help TF to select and implement the most effective management tools to help guide organizational and individual workplans, allocate resources effectively, and measure internal outcomes. The consultant’s task will be to provide planning and facilitation during a 2-day planning meeting involving staff and interested board members.  

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Review TF’s current strategic planning documents and background notes;
  • Meet with core TF staff once during the two weeks leading up to the planning meeting;
  • Select the most relevant management tool(s) to implement alongside the 2014 workplan to measure outcomes on deliverables;
  • Provide training on the management tool(s) during the two-day staff/board planning session, along with practical guidance on the application of the tool(s); and,
  • Produce documentation and deliver a final report summarizing key feedback, recommendations and observations.

Transforming Faces will provide the consultant with all relevant program strategy related information.

The outputs will consist of the 2-day meeting facilitation to be delivered during the week of March 3-7th and a final report.  The final report should include an account of the meeting’s discussions along with a synthesis of key feedback and recommendations from the consultant.

The consultant should have more than eight years of experience in facilitating strategic planning and learning for private and/or non-profit organizations.  The successful candidate should have excellent skills in deploying strategic management tools including logic frameworks, project dashboards and “balanced scorecards”.  The consultant should have demonstrated experience in monitoring and evaluation.

The meeting will be held between March 3 and 15th 2014 in Toronto. The final documentation should be submitted to Transforming Faces by March 17th.

Requirements for Application

All candidates are asked to submit the following documents by email, no later than February 12th:

  • A cover letter and CV outlining relevant experience in prior facilitation and strategic planning;
  • A proposed work plan, including a budget and proposed methodologies;
  • Contact details of 3 references.

Please contact Laura Lewis-Watts, Program Manager by phone at 416-222-6581 or by email at