In June, the TF team visited Peru and Argentina.  Here we provide some highlights. 

Peru: Dental Clinic Secured

An agreement was signed with a dental clinic at Cayetano Heredia Teaching Hospital in Lima, Peru, which will allow children from the KusiRostros program to be referred for dental and orthodontic care. 

Check out some patient photos in our Facebook album! 

Argentina: First Surgical Congress brings Thai and Argentinean partners together

Our partner in Santiago del Estero, Eva Peron’s Children’s Hospital (CEPSI) organized its first surgical Congress with the presence of surgeons from England, Chile and Thailand.  Dr. Brian Sommerlad, Dr. Luis Monasterio and Dr. Bowornsilp Chowchuen presented their surgical cases and outcome evaluation parameters.  

The Congress featured a video link where participants were able to watch the surgeries and hear the comments from Dr. Sommerlad. The audience included plastic surgeons from Patagonia and neighbouring provinces as well as maxillofacial surgeons and speech pathologist from Northern Argentina.