We have partnered with Asociacion Civil Splendor (KusiRostros) to establish four Community Rehabilitation Centres (CRCs) in impoverished areas surrounding Lima. 

The team treats 224 patients. Here, a few mothers speak about how KusiRostros has helped them and their children. 

Note: The video is in Spanish, but a summary follows below.

Hayde Acho says they were sent to the KusiRostros office from the nearby Bartolome Hospital. Her son, Johan, has been undergoing therapy and has made a lot of progress. 

Agustina Aroni, says: “I was looking for support, because I don’t have the economic resources to bring my son, Girban, to [private] therapy. I’ve been received very well here. Today my son is receiving therapy and so am I.”

Eva Janampa, notes that she heard about KusiRostros through an awareness campaign: “…I didn’t have the money to take him to receive therapy. He needed to have psychotherapy and other forms of therapy that were very expensive. For me, KusiRostros was a saviour. Here they offer all the psychological support that we needed,” she adds. “I am very grateful for the free speech therapy sessions.”

Jannet Avila’s daughter Valeria could not speak well and was hard to understand. After receiving speech therapy, she is better understood and less self-conscious. 

“She feels like a normal girl because they often remind her of it: She is normal!” she adds. 

Angelica Ruiz, whose son Angelo receives therapy, notes that she received a lot of information at KusiRostros and is very thankful.