One of the things that sets Transforming Faces apart is our heart for children who don’t have access to cleft palate care. We, along with our hard-working partners, are proud to be making a difference in Madagascar by changing the lives of countless children who have been born with this condition. Our desire is to help every single person with cleft palate or cleft lip, and while people are still living with these issues, Transforming Faces will continue doing what we do. We are not your standard smile charity; read some of our amazing stories and testimonials to learn more about the driving passion behind Transforming Faces.

Fast Facts


  • Population: 27 million
  • Partners: Clinique Santé Plus
  • Based in: Antsirabe
  • Partner since: 2021


  • Facilitating counselling, nutrition support and community outreach for families affected by cleft
  • Supporting Santé Plus in growing towards a Comprehensive Cleft Care approach


  • Access to cleft care: Santé Plus is currently the only centre providing year-round cleft care to Malagasy families. Surgical missions to the region are common but have been significantly disrupted by COVID-19.
  • Shame & stigma: Cleft is widely perceived as a curse or punishment. Many parents are forced to hide their newborn due to stigma and struggle to find information on where to turn for help.


Program Updates

Tiago’s Transformation

Tiago’s Transformation

Tiago loves dinosaurs (what 8-year-old doesn’t?), soccer (he is the local team's biggest fan!) and sweets (especially the homemade ones his mom is famous for). He shares a home in northern Argentina with three siblings, a cousin and his loving mother.When her son was...


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