Thailand & Laos

There are many children’s charities and nonprofits in the world, and while many of these organizations are important and valuable, we can stand behind the mission, the heart, and the calling of Transforming Faces. We’ve seen first-hand what it looks like to bring hope and a bright future to a child who’s been living with a cleft lip or palate, and it’s these stories that inspire and move us. For this reason, Transforming Faces has worked hard to secure a strong partnership in Thailand so that we can change the lives of children living with this difficult condition. And with the help of our generous donors, we can continue our work in Thailand. Consider supporting us monthly to transform the lives of countless Thai children!

Thailand & Laos MapFast Facts


  • Population: 69.9 million
  • Partner: Northern Women’s Development Foundation (NWDF)
  • Based in: Chiang Rai
  • Partner since: 2001


  • Ensuring children & families in northern Thailand and Laos receive comprehensive support
  • Collaborating with network of over 39 partner hospitals & universities
  • Services include surgery, nutritional support, speech therapy, dental and orthodontic care, ear nose and throat (ENT) support, psychosocial support for children & families, and transportation and translation services for patients travelling from neighbouring Myanmar or Laos


  • In 2020, 91 families in Thailand/Laos received care in partnership with NWDF
  • NWDF partners helped develop an innovative technique called nasoform, used to help reshape a patient’s nose after surgery
  • Building local support for their innovative cleft care programs through strong fundraising and awareness campaigns


  • Shortages of cleft professionals: Shortage of qualified cleft care professionals, particularly surgeons and speech therapists in the northern region of Thailand
  • Long travel distances: Many families have to travel for three to four days from bordering countries to reach care for their children


  • “I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the kind concern and devotion to promote the quality of life of these disadvantaged groups of society. I have enjoyed my long partnership with TF!” – Phanomwan Yoodee, Thailand (NWDF) 

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