Transforming Faces is passionate about our mission of providing care and services to those who have been born with cleft palate and cleft lip. For this reason, we serve the amazing people of Uganda through our valued partnerships and we won’t stop until every person with one of these conditions receives the care they need. Of all of the smile charities in the world, Transforming Faces stands apart because of our focus on making a difference, our desire to change lives, and the hope that we offer. Our mission: to transform lives, one person at a time. Consider donating to our cause today!

Fast Facts


  • Population: 41.5 million
  • Partners: Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services of Uganda (CoRSU) Hospital
  • Based in: Entebbe, Uganda
  • Partner since: 2018


  • Mobilization and transportation assistance for children from rural districts with a high incidence of cleft lip and palate
  • Promoting community awareness about comprehensive cleft care through radio talk shows and community workshops
  • Providing hospital-based nutritional support, speech therapy and counselling


  • New three-year project launched in 2020 to expand comprehensive cleft care services for patients affected by cleft lip and palate, and their families
  • 170 families received care in partnership with CoRSU Hospital


  • Long travel distances: The communities served are quite remote, and as a result, are often not equipped with facilities and qualified personnel to deliver surgery and speech therapy close to home
  • Awareness: A lack of community knowledge about the condition and the importance of comprehensive cleft care

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