Meet Our Team

Hugh Brewster, Executive Director, Transforming Faces

Hugh Brewster, Executive Director

Hugh has over 15 years of experience as an organizational capacity-builder, grant-maker and learning facilitator. He has served as Executive Director within TF’s dynamic team since 2017, and has had the privilege of hosting cleft webinars and conferences since the inception of the Circle of Cleft Professionals’ (CoCP). Hugh is inspired by the resilience of children born with a cleft lip and palate, and motivated by colleagues in low and middle-income countries implementing comprehensive cleft care.
Hugh Brewster, Executive Director, Transforming Faces

Yalexis Barr, Program Manager, Latin America

Yalexis manages TF programs in Latin America. She sees partnership as the way to bring sustainable change in communities around the world. She joined TF in 2021 and has a strong background in project management in the international development sector. Yalexis is excited about the transformation taking place in children’s lives through comprehensive cleft care.

Neeti Daftari

Neeti Daftari, Program Manager, Global Initiatives

Neeti manages the cross-regional and global programs at TF, as well as country programs in Eastern Europe and Uganda. She joined TF in 2020 after 15 years of international development work in child rights and gender equality. Her experience spans program strategy, project management, M&E, policy-framing research, advocacy and partner relations. She is a Clinical Psychologist and has a Master’s Degree in Social Policy & Development from the London School of Economics. She is inspired by TF’s goal of comprehensive, accessible cleft care for all.



Melanie Meloche, Administration, Transforming Faces

Melanie Meloche, Administrative Officer

Melanie has worked with Transforming Faces since 2004. She really appreciates that her work allows her to make a difference in the lives of others. Melanie studied Business Administration / Accounting at St. Lawrence and Algonquin College and the CGA (Certified General Accountants Association). She has over 13 years in the field of accounting and administration in Canada and at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC. She has a specific interest in the non-profit sector.



Courtney Mollenhauer, Program Manager, Transforming Faces

Courtney Mollenhauer, Senior Program Manager

Courtney manages TF programs in southern Asia and Africa. She started at TF in 2014 and is thrilled to be part of an organization that is building strong, sustainable partnerships to address a critical gap in cleft care services overseas. Courtney brings a professional background and passion in international development and project management to this role. She has worked for international health and education organizations in South Africa and Vietnam.



Susana Munarriz, Finance, Transforming Faces

Susana Munarriz, Financial Officer

With a strong professional accounting background, Susana has over 20 years of experience working in the field of accounting, administration and finance within private, charitable and community sectors. Susana has worked with the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice, Greenpeace, Our Times Publishing and Lorne Waldman Barrister and Solicitor, in a variety of accounting and managerial positions. She has been an active volunteer in refugee organizations, human rights groups and community organizations in Argentina and Canada.


Rachel Winer

Danaka Robertson, Special Projects Coordinator

Danaka supports TF’s global programming efforts as well as its communication and engagement initiatives. She joined TF in 2021 after completing a Master’s degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership with an undergraduate background in International Studies. Danaka is passionate about TF’s commitment to locally rooted comprehensive cleft care for all.



Kristian Wykes, Communications & Engagement Manager

As Communications and Engagement Manager, Kristian amplifies the work of our local partners, connecting donors with their impact. He joined the team in 2021, bringing experience in digital marketing & communications within the learning and technology segments. He has spent time volunteering abroad and has an educational background in Sociology. Kristian is thrilled to be a part of an organization that builds local partnerships to facilitate comprehensive cleft care.