Covid Update

We know that it is a stressful time to be a parent of a child with a cleft — especially if you live in a village or neighbourhood under lockdown due to Covid, or you have lost your means of earning a living.

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1 in 700 children is born with cleft lip and palate. They deserve to be supported every step of the way.

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Completing the Circle of Care

We partner with local organizations in developing countries & invest in comprehensive teams to create long-term solutions. Learn More 

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Our comprehensive approach transforms lives. Read our stories from around the world, or share your own cleft story with us! Our Stories    Share your Story 

Transform Lives in Myanmar

Become a Bright Start Monthly Donor and ensure that children in Myanmar have access to comprehensive cleft care from the day they are born until they transition into school!

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Join the Circle of Cleft Professionals

A worldwide network of professionals and charity leaders promoting Comprehensive Cleft Care in resource-constrained contexts.

Children born with cleft lip and palate deserve to be supported every step of the way. Comprehensive cleft care makes that possible.

Access to safe, timely surgery is vital for children like Nattanon, but it marks just the start of his long journey to recovery.

Comprehensive care includes access to safe, timely surgery

Ongoing speech therapy helps Nattanon speak more clearly.

Ongoing speech therapy to develop clear speech and self-confidence

Social counseling for Nattanon and his family helps him tackle challenges and develop improved self-esteem.

Social support to help patients and their families along the way

Thanks to long-term, comprehensive care, Nattanon is excelling at school and has a bright future ahead of him.

The goal is children who are happy, healthy, and confident!

Cleft lip and palate is a serious condition, but its challenges can be overcome!

Please help give even more children the chance to smile, speak and build happy, healthy lives.

The Transforming Faces Difference

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We are a Canadian charity committed to cost-effectiveness and sustainable partnerships.


We empower local partner organizations in low and middle-income countries.


We provide comprehensive cleft care to patients.

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We direct 100% of donations to our international programs.

Stories from Around the World

A Covid Update from TF’s Executive Director

Dear TF Supporters, 2020 was shaping up to be a breakthrough year for Transforming Faces in The Before Times. Local partners were expanding the depth and breadth of their care for children and families affected by cleft, and innovative collaborations with other...

Innovating Cleft Care Treatments during COVID-19

Innovating Cleft Care Treatments during COVID-19

Hospitals worldwide are being cleared to make space for intensive care patients, and physical distancing requirements and lockdowns have necessarily postponed all traditional community-based cleft care. During this stressful time, TF’s local partners are...

A Message from TF’s Executive Director

Dear TF Supporters, These are challenging times. Staying connected is more important than ever. For 20 years, our staff and Board, our international partners, the families affected by cleft lip and palate, and supporters like you have cast a vision: for every child...