Impact Videos: Stories of Change

Watch stories of Comprehensive Cleft Care transform the lives of families, and meet the professionals moving CCC forward.

Janani's Confidence at School and in her Community

Janani was born with a cleft in Tamil Nadu, India. She's received cleft care since she was 17 days old. See how speech therapy has built her confidence and meet the teacher who's become an advocate of community-based cleft care!

Meet Families Accessing Community-Based Cleft Care in South India

Get a glimpse into the stories of children and families who have been accessing Comprehensive Cleft Care through the same trusted local care team - much closer to home.

Ethiopia: The Context of Cleft Care

Accessible cleft care in Ethiopia is complex. 80% of Ethiopia’s 120 million people live in rural settings. In this video, hear from families who have accessed Comprehensive Cleft Care as a result of our long-term partnership with Yekatit 12 Hospital.

Transforming Cleft in Thailand

Transforming Faces partners with Northern Women's Development Foundation in Thailand to provide access to Comprehensive Cleft Care for marginalized children in the northern region. These families’ stories highlight how access to care has improved their quality of life.

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