Our Work in Argentina

Argentinian families affected by cleft face public healthcare limitations, national hyperinflation & more. We’re partnering in Northern Argentina to make cleft care accessible for families in need.

Tiago was born with cleft in Tucumán, Argentina. He adores dinosaurs and football.

Cleft Care in Argentina Today

Historically, families in Northern Argentina would have to travel 500km to access cleft care at a specialized centre, at significant cost.

Today, the public health system provides access to some elements of cleft care and families with private insurance plans may be eligible for subsidies. Bureaucracy, travel distances, costs, and limited access to cleft professionals are still barriers to effective and timely care.

Transforming Faces has long-term partnerships in the northern provinces of Tucumán and Santiago Del Estero. We work with our local partners to ensure that barriers to care can be navigated and that low-income families are supported with access to ongoing specialised Comprehensive Cleft Care.

Fast Facts

  • Population: 45,800,000
  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Below Poverty Line: 35%
  • Cleft Incidence: 1000+ / year

Key Challenges

  • Key-Challenge-Psychosocial-Support

    Psychosocial Support
    Children born with cleft in Argentina are often subject to bullying at school - even after surgery. The impact on their psychosocial wellbeing is profound and access to support is critical.

  • Key-Challenge-Parental-Support

    Parent Support

    Parents in Northern Argentina face hyperinflation, currency instability, and psychosocial challenges. Parent support groups are proving to be a promising resource.

  • Key-Challenge-Transportation

    Transportation Assistance

    Families living in rural contexts need to travel to the nearest centre for care and public transit is often not an affordable option. Access to transportation assistance makes all the difference.

Program Successes


Patients accessed Comprehensive Cleft Care services in Northern Argentina


Patients participated in Peer Support Groups (PSGs) aimed at building confidence and a sense of community

Cleft Professionals

Cleft care professionals are mobilizing comprehensive care in Northern Argentina

“In Argentina, a barrier to care has been misunderstandings about cleft. Health professionals often can’t provide adequate information to families and children receive uncoordinated care. In schools, teachers and institution leaders regularly classify cleft as a condition that limits their learning capacity.”

- Gabriela Reinoso, President, Fundación Gavina

Stories from Argentina

Our Partners in Cleft Care

TF has been supporting partners in Argentina since 2006.

Our Partnerships in Argentina

  • Fundación Gavina, Tucumán
  • Asociación Simi Sumaq, Santiago del Estero
  • Hospital Zonal Dr. Isola de Puerto Madryn
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