Tiago’s Transformation


Tiago loves dinosaurs (what 8-year-old doesn’t?), soccer (he is the local team’s biggest fan!) and sweets (especially the homemade ones his mom is famous for). He shares a home in northern Argentina with three siblings, a cousin and his loving mother.

When her son was born with a cleft, Tiago’s mom was in a state of shock. She feared for her baby boy’s future. How would this condition limit him? Would Tiago have the same opportunities to live a happy, healthy life as other children? His mother was determined to fight for his future and she quickly became his biggest advocate.

She did her homework, and soon learned about the cleft team at Fundacion Gavina. The team explained that Tiago’s condition was completely treatable – but that he would require long-term support and comprehensive care to overcome the limitations of his cleft. The first step: ensuring the newborn reached a healthy weight, so that he could have a safe initial repair surgery.

Tiago’s initial repair surgery was successful and his rehabilitation is going well! He travels with his mom to Tucumán, the provincial capital, once a week for oral health care, counselling and speech therapy.

“I have learned how to help my son improve his speech,” Tiago’s mom shares proudly. “His communication is much stronger, and he is getting over his shyness.”

The cleft team at Fundación GAVINA has been a source of support and encouragement every step of the way. With their continued support, Tiago has a very bright future ahead.

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