A Bright Start in Uganda


Ivan and Jamirat live modestly in central Uganda’s Rekai district, working as a mechanic and a seamstress. When Jamirat discovered that she was pregnant, the couple was elated. They decided to name their firstborn child Yvonne, and couldn’t wait to welcome her into their arms.

It came as a shock when, upon delivery, the midwife exclaimed that their baby had a cleft lip. Jamirat almost fainted in disbelief and disappointment. The midwife assured them that cleft lips can be surgically repaired, but Ivan and Jamirat left the hospital with many fears. They were hopeful that one day their child would be operated on, but they knew that such surgeries are expensive and that the nearest cleft centre was over 200km away.

Fortunately, the parents of a former patient of Transforming Faces’ local partner happened to visit their community soon after and told them all about the excellent treatment their child had received.

Ivan and Jamirat overflowed with hope, especially to know that Yvonne’s pre-surgical cleft treatments would be free and that the costs of transportation would be covered!

The young parents quickly reached out and had all their questions about Yvonne’s condition patiently addressed by the caring cleft team. They subsequently also received nutritional support to help Yvonne reach the healthy weight necessary for a safe lip repair surgery.

Yvonne’s journey to a Bright Start at home and in the community is well now well underway. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Jamirat recently shared that “I do not know how to thank you for the transportation to and from the hospital, and nutritional food for my child. I pray for the Almighty to bless you.”

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