Innovating Cleft Care Treatments during COVID-19


Hospitals worldwide are being cleared to make space for intensive care patients, and physical distancing requirements and lockdowns have necessarily postponed all traditional community-based cleft care.

During this stressful time, TF’s local partners are developing outreach programs that do not put families at risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19. Their ingenuity and dedication to their patients is inspiring.

In Costa Rica, Asociación LPH is now providing speech therapy and counselling services virtually. Necessity being the mother of invention, LPH expects to continue to develop and refine how they use this innovative technology. Providing an ongoing accessible care option to families will reduce the strain of long-distance traveling in terms of lost wages for families and missed school time for children.

TF will continue to post updates on the success of ongoing programs, as well as the very real strains our partners are experiencing. Research makes clear that timely cleft lip and palate treatment is critical in helping children grow to reach their full potential.

Thank you to our supporters who continue to make comprehensive cleft care possible.

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