Mobilizing CCC in Uganda: Meet Betty


Betty and her twin brother were born in the remote Napak district of North Eastern Uganda. As members of the Karamojong people, a nomadic cattle-herding community, Betty’s family live half a day’s drive from the nearest cleft centre.

With no exposure to cleft, Betty’s father was left with hard questions and few answers.

Was this a permanent disability? Was the cleft somehow a consequence of something that they did? Was it right to seek treatment?

A local health mobilizer eventually connected the family with cleft resources, including nutritional support and the funds to travel to a local cleft centre. However, Betty’s father remained skeptical and forbade Betty from further trips for treatment.

Thankfully, experienced health mobilizers with deep ties to the community were eventually successful in earning the family’s trust.

With the support of TF’s local partner CoRSU Hospital, and her parents’ blessing, Betty received the nutritional support and care that would eventually lead to a successful surgery.

Now, with the full support of her family, Betty’s rehabilitation journey continues. Betty’s future now burns much more brightly.

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