Meet Ngean & Kham


There are many challenges to providing comprehensive care in northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar from border crossings and the long distances families have to travel, to language barriers and a lack of awareness about treatment options.

Over the last 20 years TF has built a successful partnership with the Northern Women’s Development Foundation (NWDF) to address these challenges by supporting cleft surgeries and rehabilitation for children born with cleft lip and palate.

Ngean and Kham are twin boys born with clefts in rural Myanmar who benefited from the monthly support of Bright Start donors who continue to make our work in the region possible. The nutrition support the brothers received was crucial to their early development and helped their family prepare for their initial lip repair surgeries in 2019.

NWDF has since provided consistent home visits to monitor their physical and social development. Like many children awaiting treatment during COVID, Ngean and Kham’s are being carefully monitored and supported through digital communication channels.

Without the support of Bright Start donors, their ongoing care and upcoming palate repair surgeries would not be possible.

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