Transforming Faces Joins the Face Equality International (FEI) Alliance


In April 2020, TF became a member of Face Equality International (FEI), a world-wide alliance of thirty five NGO members that support and represent people with facial differences. FEI’s vision is in sync with that of TF’s: we want people worldwide, including those born with cleft, to be respected and valued irrespective of how they look – overcoming prejudice, low expectations and stigma.

As an active member of this dynamic alliance, TF will support and participate in FEI activities and events aimed at raising the awareness of facial disfigurement and putting it on the agenda of international human rights bodies. Additionally, TF brings to the table twenty years of partnership within resource-constrained contexts, where the context for discrimination and stigma can be different than those faced in Canada and beyond.

TF is excited to participate in The International Face Equality Week, an FEI initiative taking place May 17 – 24. This week-long digital campaign will highlight the issues and prejudices that people with facial differences experience, including health inequalities, online abuse and hate crime. Through this worldwide campaign, that includes a ‘#FaceEquality Selfie Challenge’, we hope to encourage a sense of community, and an assurance that people’s rights (including those of people affected by cleft) are a policy, media and education priority. Please join us in this campaign with your selfie and stories on Twitter.

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