Kyomuhendo was expecting twin girls, but she was shocked to discover that her daughter Prossy was born with a cleft lip and palate. Her midwife was quick to identify the common birth anomaly, affecting an estimated 1,100 births in Uganda each year. She referred Kyomuhendo to Transforming Faces’ local partner, CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital.

CoRSU not only supported Prossy’s weight gain by providing critical nutritional information, but they also provided the funds necessary to travel the 30 kilometers to the hospital. Kyomuhendo was determined to provide for Prossy the same opportunities that her twin sister was born with, traveling for appointments to meet with her comprehensive cleft care team of pediatricians, nutritionists and surgeons.

“Like any mother with twins, you cannot allow one twin to own something that the other does not have. They are supposed to be treated equally. I never missed any appointments because I felt the need for my children to be treated equally.

Thanks to Kyomuhendo’s determination, Prossy has received surgical treatments to repair her cleft lip and palate. They look forward to beginning speech and language therapy to complete the circle of cleft care made possible by donors like you.