Janet Lunn is a TF supporter who recently donated  in lieu of Christmas presents on behalf of her two children, who were born with clefts. She shared a bit more about why she chose to support TF:

“I’m an eighty-five-year-old woman and my children are almost past middle age now.

My daughter was lucky enough to be born with a good ear for language. She would correct herself, almost as soon as she could talk, when she realized she hadn’t said a word the way she heard us say it. She grew up to teach French Immersion to primary grades.

My son did not have a cleft palate and so did not have speech problems. He is a flutemaker.

When these children were born, we lived in Toronto. I have, ever since, been profoundly grateful for the doctors at Sick Children’s Hospital.

I should have known about this organization years ago.”

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Janet!